211 Elton Adelphia Road, Freehold, NJ

(732) 462-7545


Just as you once calm'd the waters,

calm again the sea.

Make a pathway on my ocean,

Come Lord, live in me!

(Excerpt from a song written by parishioners Richard & Dorothy Lake - 1992)


At Hope Lutheran Church you will find yourself surrounded by friends, looking to hold one one another up through fellowship and faith.  

We join together under a common roof Anchored in Christ, Growing in Faith, Love and Service. 

As Lutheran's our church culture is strongly rooted in ministering to our members, our community and on a global level. Our prayer for every gathering is that you would feel welcomed and loved.   We want you to leave our church inspired and renewed by God's infinite love for us.  

As part of the HOPE family we:

actively participate in worship and church programs

nourish & strenghten one's self through the sacraments

financially support the work of the church

live a christian life according to God's word

assume a ministry for Christ according to one's talents

Our church is entering a new era right now . There is a lot of momentum around some very exciting things here.  The union with Grace Church, new staff members, an expanding musical ministry, the growth of Hope Christian School and now the return and installation of Pastor Ed. We were counting on faith and the Holy Spirit to guide us and I am looking forward to a bright new future for Hope   -  Bill Seifert, Hope Council President 2017

Hope Lutheran Church is a participating congregation in The New Jersey Synod,

a geographical grouping of Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) congregations.