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Proverbs 25:25


HOPE's kick off to Fall 

October 19, 2017

It was party time for Hope Lutheran’s Oktoberfest attendees on Sunday Oct. 15th.  With German beer, music and authentic Bavarian food on site, the stage was set for a genuine Oktoberfest celebration!

Oktoberfest attracts millions of people around the world and is considered the most popular fair on earth.   The foundation of this historical festival began with the wedding of Prince Ludwig and Princess Theresa of Bavaria in 1810.

The citizens of Munich were invited, horse races were held in front of the city gates, and to honor the princess these grounds were named after her, becoming known as the ‘Theresienwiese’ (Theresa’s Meadow). The royal nuptials happened to coincide with the harvest and the tapping of the new brew, so the celebration was on permanently.  Since 1818 Oktoberfest has been an official celebration in the beer capital of the world, and what a celebration it is!

The world’s biggest beer festival has become a celebration of international stature: over six million visitors a year gather in Munich’s famed Theresienwiese for 16 days of revelry and mini-Oktoberfests take place the world over.  It is a time to celebrate the coming of Autumn & all the gifts this harvest season has to offer.

HOPE  was happy to take their part in hosting an American version of Oktoberfest and says “Prost!”  or “Cheers!” to the couple that started it all!

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October 2017

On September 24, 2017 as we celebrated Pastor Ed's Installation, thousands elsewhere where suffering loss and devastation from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma & Maria.  Now wildfires are destroying thousands of acres, homes and lives in California. 

As part of our global Christian ministry we at HOPE have donated all of the offerings from Pastor's installation service toward the ELCA LDR - Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Lutheran Disaster Response fund. The LDR will utilize our contribution assisting those in need.  Thank you faithful and giving HOPE servants!



October 1, 2017

2017 not only marked the 50th Anniversary of Hope Lutheran Church, but of our school as well.  50 years ago Rev. Albert Gibson, founding pastor of Hope Lutheran Church, began

HOPE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL opening in October of 1967 with classes for four-year olds two days a week.

Over the years and under the operation of several school administrators and our current School Director, Judy Canfield, HCS has grown to over 160 students offering Pre-School, Kindergarten, & After Care programming.

On Oct 1st we commemorated our school anniversary and achievement.  The 10:45am church worship service was dedicated to this special event.  

Our celebration included face painting, bounce houses, a dj dance party and buffet of great food... this day was full of festivities and fun for students and parishioners of all ages!


HOPE was blessed to have Gloria Kropa present, the first teacher at


(Stay tuned for photos of this event to be posted shortly!)


The Rev. Dr. Edward E. Kropa

as HOPE's new pastor

September 24, 2017

With great excitement Hope Lutheran Church, installed The Rev. Dr. Edward E. Kropa as its new pastor during a special worship service on Sept. 24th.

The installation ceremony was officiated by Bishop, Rev. Tracie L. Bartholomew,  of the ELCA NJSynod.

There was a full house attendance for Pastor Ed's service including parishioners from many of Kropa's former parishes and Pastor Arthur Casement of Grace  Church that gave the sermon.

Pastor Ed was surrounded by the love and support of his parish as well as his family and mother, Gloria Kropa,  a charter member of HOPE and the first teacher at Hope Christian School.

The worship service was followed up with a celebration meal in Fellowship Hall.

(Stay tuned for photos of this event to be posted shortly!)


HOPE Lutheran Church

welcomes a new pastor!

August 6, 2017

After an extensive search and much prayer, the congregation of Hope Lutheran Church has called The Rev. Dr. Edward E. Kropa to be its new pastor.

In an effort to find a new pastor for the church, HOPE formed a "Call Committee" to begin the search for a new leader.  The church call committee determined the qualifications they desired in a new pastor and generated a profile for what they were looking for. 

This information was passed on to the New Jersey Synod and after a thorough search and interview, in a special congregational meeting on June 11th, Pastor Kropa was called to fill the role.

Pastor Kropa and his parents were original congregants of the newly formed Hope Lutheran Church back in 1967.  He served here as an acolyte and was ordained as a Pastor in the HOPE Sanctuary in 1985.  


Pastor Kropa is just beginning to settle in and  lead his first worship service  on August 6, 2017.

Pastor Kropa’s installation service will be held Sunday September 24th.

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Interim Pastor George Detweiler retires

June 25, 2017

In June 2016, Hope's second Pastor, The Rev. Dr. Patricia S. Medley retired from her service at Hope Lutheran Church and The Rev. George Detweiler was "called" to lead HOPE as their interim pastor. 

Pastor George began his service in June 2016 and we were fortunate enough to have him assist us during our transition and search for a new pastor.

June 25, 2017 marked Pastor George's last day of service to our congregation.  We thank the Pastor for his leadership, and wish him an enjoyable retirement as we bid him farewell and Godspeed.


BOSNIA International Servant Trip

June 23, 2017

The Bosnia IST is a ministry of the New Jersey Synod, ELCA, striving to build peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina through the  children of this beautiful country. 

On June 23, after a year of diligent fundraising efforts, the HOPE Bosnia Travel Team lead by Senior High mentor Tara  Zigler, loaded with supplies and prayers journeyed to Sarajevo.  It was the first of many cities that the team ministered to.

Thank you HOPE Bosnia Travel Team for representing our parish.  Your hard work & service and honor your Lutheran faith thru this global ministry!

HOPE's 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee

April 2, 2017

50 years ago the foundation was laid for the birth of our church.  HOPE LUTHERAN CHURCH was conceived, developed and born.

On April 2nd we gathered to celebrate our church and faith family for an anniversary gala luncheon.  Hosted by our congregation at

Our House restaurant in Farmingdale,  the event was attended by over 100 attendees.  Guest speakers, music, dancing, great food and friends made for a most memorable day!

Honored guests were: Lois Gibson, Thomas Gibson, Marie Liebehenz (chartered members), Jean D'Addario, Rev. Dr. Patricia Medley